IT Norrbotten offers a number of services to companies and organisations, to operators and service providers. We have a solution for you, whether you wish to link up your divisions in a common data network, set up an IP network for state-of-the-art video conferencing, build a backbone for base stations or provide TV and Internet services via the urban network.

Operator services

For you as an operator or service provider, we are your wholesaler. We deliver transport network services, for example bandwidth and leasing of dark fibre, and our focus is very much on reliability. Our customer base includes all the biggest Nordic operators, whose demands on capacity, redundancy and availability are exacting.

Via our open network, you as a service provider can expand without major infrastructure investments. You get access to a large number of urban networks in Sweden. We can also provide capacity to Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, England, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lituania.

Business services

With our capacity services we can link your operations in a shared data network. We build networks (WAN) that cover large areas, networks that bridge considerable distances between offices or communities. It is like having everyone in the same house, even though they are 600 km apart.

When we connect you to the same systems, servers, firewalls and switches, you save money and make operating both simpler and more secure. Employees can share vast files among different workplaces as easily as if they were sharing an office.

It makes it easier to replace a physical meeting with a video conference, which saves both money and the environment. The customer always has exclusive access to the capacity via the Ethernet channel, which guarantees good quality sound and image. You can also, with our services, share internet access within your company at a lower cost and higher efficency than getting it separately at each office from a local ISP.