IT Norrbotten offers to business and the public sector Europe´s biggest open high-speed fibre-based network. We promote the development of networks built for the future – designed for stringent demands on capacity and quality, while catering for the needs of different players:

  • Broadband operators wishing to lease black fibre to build their own network.
  • Service providers wishing to offer services and have access to an active broadband network with connected users.
  • Mobile operators who need fibre to be able to build out mobile broadband.
  • Public bodies (the state, authorities, municipalities, county councils) who want to communicate via and offer e-services to both individuals and companies.

IT Norrbotten started up in 1996 as a collaboration project. Today it is run as a business owned by all the municipalities in Norrbotten as well as Norrbotten County Council.

Corporate concept

We offer Europe’s biggest open high-speed fibre-based network to business and the public services, which increases the range of services offered. This in turn contributes to economic growth and development in the region.

Our role

IT Norrbotten manages and develops the intra-county fibre-based high-speed network. This makes us important players in promoting growth and vitality in the regional business sector and for public bodies. A well-dimensioned IT infrastructure provides equal opportunities for enterprise, communal activities and individual freedoms regardless of domicile. To us, the availability of a good broadband network is as important as access to electricity and a road network.

Business and us
We work to promote the practical use of the network in business and the community so that a diversity of services is created. A competition-neutral infrastructure independent of operators and with extremely high capacity – so-called true broadband – gives freedom of choice, openness and diversity. It enables operators and service providers, big and small, to compete on equal terms, to the benefit of healthcare, social care, schools, business and households.

We act as a catalyst for regional development and growth through projects in broadband infrastructure and skills development. In addition we test technology and innovations which can improve services, create new business openings and improve cost-efficiency.

Our role in social development
Through our public ownership we play an important role in creating a rounder region. In practice, that means that all citizens and operations in the county are offered the same diversity of services at competitive prices.

In our sparsely populated county, it is far from community to community and to schools, services, and healthcare, etc. That makes broadband of particular importance to the individual and companies in order to enable participation in and the development of society. A rounder Norrbotten means reduced distances, not only within the region but also at national and international level. Norrbotten is part of the world. The world is part of Norrbotten.

A rounder Norrbotten can mean among other things:

  • Remote diagnostics, for example of heart functions – the individual need not travel to the hospital, the hospital “travels” to the individual via the network.
  • Distance learning in Swedish is offered to students in Norway.
  • Opportunities for companies to offer their services in the entire region, thanks to the availability of high-speed digital communications.

We also act as a project office for our owners, where we are an extension of their own operations as regards coordination and purchasing skills in a number of projects.

History and ownership

Informationsteknik i Norrbotten AB, IT Norrbotten, was set up in 1996. The company was planned to be a motor for the development of cutting- edge technology and businesses promoting IT projects in Norrbotten. The initiative was supported by the regional sector, the municipalities of Norrbotten, and Norrbotten County Council together with the County Administrative Board and Luleå University of Technology.

Over the years, IT Norrbotten has run a number of successful projects in many fields: distance learning, e-trade, telecommuting, tele-medicine, infrastructure, etc.

The company’s main task today is to manage, develop and provide IT infrastructure throughout the county of Norrbotten. Since spring 2005 the company has been owned by the 14 municipalities of Norrbotten and Norrbotten County Council.